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Address: 6 Beach Road, #1088
Tiburon/Belvedere, CA 94920-2829
Phone: 415-435-1280

1,000s of people visit Telli Marin every day!


Telli Marin is Marin’s local search engine with an advertising platform to manage effective campaigns and track the results.

It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date information center for Marin County.

Replaces the Yellow Pages

  • Comprehensive business listings including businesses operating exclusively from cell phones.
  • Listings of people operating in centers or within organizations.
    • Hair stylists in beauty salons.
    • Doctors in medical centers.
    • Attorneys and CPAs in large firms.

And provides

  • Detailed listings of events, movies, classes, and activities.
  • Consumer and professional reviews
  • Classified ads.
  • Business news and special offers
  • TelliPage blogs.

People find what they want quickly without sifting through extensive global information.

  • 3,400 micro-categories make it easy for consumers to target businesses offering a specific product or service.
  • Consumers can designate a number of micro features to display only the businesses that offer their specific preferences.


  • Add or modify your business listing, details, and micro-categories.
  • Display your events and classifieds.


  • a “Tagline” to describe your products or services to highlight your business. The tagline shows up with your listing on a category page of listings and on your TelliPage.
  • a website or Facebook page address to provide a link for people to go directly to your site for more details.
  • a contact email address (actual address does not display).
  • your hours of business.


  • Telli Marin is the #1 online directory for Marin businesses, events, and activities.
  • 30,000 businesses are viewed every month.
  • 3,400 micro-categories allow people to target specific businesses quickly.
  • All listings contain detailed information including maps and website links.
  • People view a Telli Marin listing with a TelliPage 20 times more often than they do a free basic listing, even if the listing displays a website link.
  • People view a TelliPage 3 times more often than they do a business Facebook page.
  • Every business listed in Telli Marin has free continuous access to its ongoing viewer statistics.
  • Google and other search engines access Telli Marin over 500,000 times a month to copy Telli listings for display on their websites with links that send people to Telli Marin. (e.g. Enter “Marin Physicians” in Google.)

Businesses that subscribe to the Telli Advertising Platform

  • Appear at the top of their category listings.
  • Are displayed with a photo or graphic (add it on the listing page).
  • Are highlighted frequently on the Telli Home Page.
  • Can send email alerts to their followers.
  • Can create business news that appears on the Telli Home Page.
  • Can create colorful web TelliPages.


Nothing is as inexpensive, as effective or as quick and simple to use. Just type it in, and it’s there.

It has been reported that 80% of retailers' sales are from customers who reside within 2.5 miles of their locations.

The Kelsey Group reports that local search is growing faster than general Web search with over 86% of Internet users searching for local products and services and more than 90% of the transactions resulting from these searches are completed at the advertisers' locations.


Determine the value of this highlighted advertising service by watching your viewer statistics.

Click on "Add/Update Your Listing" on the TELLI HOME PAGE for more details.



INTRODUCTION (Block 1 with Photo or Logo)

Telli Marin is a locally-focused search engine at www.telli.com serving the people and businesses of Marin County, California.

It is the #1 directory for finding information in Marin County.

  • 20,000 listings with related details
  • 3,400 extensive micro categories

1,000s use Telli Marin every day!

BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MISSION (Block 2 with Photo, Graphic, or Graph)

We created Telli Marin to replace the yellow pages,  provide current Marin business information, and display event listings, activities, and announcements not available in directories or on major search sites.

Programmed in Telli Marin is a simple, do-it-yourself advertising platform that makes it easy for businesses and groups to manage their own effective advertising campaigns instantly.

PRODUCTS (Block 3 with Photos of Products)

We allow people to enter, modify, and update their own information in Telli Marin using our simple-to-use listing and promotional tools.

Free Basic Advertising Platform: Add and update a listing in Telli Marin at no charge with Telli’s simple advertising tools.

  • Business Listings
  • Events, Activities, Classes, and Announcements
  • Classifieds
  • Reviews
  • Highlight your products and services on Telli’s Advanced Advertising Platform.
  • Communicate with customers through TelliPage updates and email alerts.
  • Display news, deals, and special offers on the Telli Marin Home Page.
  • Track your results.

LOCAL SERVICES (Block 4 with Photo, Graphic, or Graph)

Telli Marin editors constantly update Telli Marin listings and their micro categories.

Telli’s local engineers maintain and continually update Telli Marin’s programming and improve the system with new products and software tools.

Telli Marin Web Designers are available to develop advertising campaigns and design TelliPages on behalf of Businesses for modest production fees.

Google and other search engines access Telli Marin over 500,000 times a month to copy Telli listings for display on their websites with links that send people to Telli Marin. (For example: Enter “Marin Physicians” in Google.)

HISTORY (Block 5 with Photo, Graphic, or Graph)

Telli Marin has been servicing the people and businesses of Marin County since 1999. The Company is locally owned and operated.

Tell your customers to save you as a Telli Favorite so they will be notified of any Telli Alerts you post.