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Magnolia Avenue Salon

Why go to the City?

Address: 444 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 101
Larkspur, CA 94939
Phone: 415-891-8258
Mobile: 415-342-2710
5 Stars
Reviewed by Chad on January 18th, 2018 – Updated on February 21st, 2019

Chad Malm @Magnolia Ave Salon

Text or call Chad at (415) 653-3395

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-Visited Chad, hair stylist of Bad Jax, (Chad Malm at 479 Magnolia Ave for an annual keratin treatment to restore strength to my hair. My hair is very brittle/fine and is prone to natural highlights because it easily damaged by UV. I get this procedure done to reduce further damage to my hair as much as possible. That being said, it's been while since I got my hair keratin treated because it's a 3hr procedure and can be quite expensive (usually around $300). I made a reservation with Bad Jax because his prices are more reasonable than the old salon I used to get it done. Moreover, his reviews seemed sound and good on yelp.

-Initially, we had a confusion over the location of his salon because he had to suddenly move recently and hasn't had a time to modify his address on google maps. So just to clarify for future clients, the address is 555 Sutter St, NOT 545 Sutter. You should also have his phone number in case you get lost because Chad will usually respond pretty quickly. The hours online are also incorrect. He is open on Mondays. So point is, message him ahead of time to confirm and call if you can't find the salon. It's on the second floor of 555 Sutter St.

-Because of the confusion about the location, I was a little worried at first. I left thinking that maybe there was mistake and called Chad to leave a voice mail. He returned my call 5 min later to apologize and direct me to his new studio location. I quickly learned that the recent move was something that was out of his control and he tried to reach me earlier via text to confirm the location and time of our appointment. However, somehow the message to me never went through.

-Apart from that, don't let the location deter you from visiting Chad for your hair needs. The salon is very close to union square but in a slightly sketchier neighborhood. He is REALLY good, a professional hair stylist for over 25years. He used to travel a lot and style for models, so his skills are really on point. Perhaps what stands out the most about Chad is his attention to detail and patience. He took his time trimming my bangs, asking how I like to wear them and suggesting what he thought would look based on what he heard I wanted. For the keratin treatment, he really took his time coating each strand of hair with keratin, carefully blow drying everything until it was completely dry. Based on my past experience, Chad's level of attention to his craft really stands out. I have had many times where the stylist rushes through the process of keratin treatment, sometimes missing pieces, pulling too hard or accidentally bringing the flat iron or blow dryer too close to my scalp or ears. Even though I have long hair, some stylist can do it in 1.5hr if they take shortcuts. However the effects doesn't last as long. Chad seems to take pride in his work which is why the treatment took longer than some
stylists I have seen in the last. He made sure I was comfortable during the 3hr process. Asking if I wanted water, tea or any snacks while I wait for the keratin to condition my hair. Overall, I feel he was generous with how much keratin he used and was meticulous about his work, which speaks a lot for a hair stylist. Even with his years of professional experience, he still works his craft patiently because it's a passion for him. I would definitely come back to see Chad for my future cuts and keratin treatments!


-Chad is, in one word, awesome! The best keratin treatment, ever! Chad was patient and very thorough with my ultra frizzy hair. He spent a good four hours on a Sunday evening for an appt that he booked last minute for me due to my upcoming trip. No more flat ironing for me!! My hair is frizz free and looks awesome with just a little leave in conditioner (don't need boat loads of product anymore!) Thank you, Chad!!

-The best keratin treatment I've ever gotten! I just washed the keratin out of my hair and am amazed with the results -- my hair is so smooth and soft and straight. I LOVE it. Chad spent 3 hours on my hair - he was SO detailed - going over sections with the treatment, letting the keratin sit, blow drying and then flat ironing. I have never had such a detailed treatment. Chad is a true perfectionist. I absolutely recommend and will be coming back to Bad Jax. Thank you so much!


-I had a keratin treatment done yesterday, I have had one before and this is my first time with him, I'm very pleased and hope that my results last as long because I would love to be a regular client, Chad provides great service, pleasant conversation and a level of dedication that I seek for when I'm dealing with my hair!
Thank you very much for being so accommodating and making my reservation at 7am
as well as making my hair look awesome!

5 Stars
Reviewed by Alexandra on December 7th, 2006

I Loved this salon!! it was comfortable, and cozy*** the service was Perfect, its the BEST color i've had in Marin! you Gotta go see Karen for color and highlights!!!