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Harmonious Embodiment

Nurturing harmonious embodiment with massage & qigong

Address: San Rafael, Ca. 94901
Phone: 510-435-1263

In support of healthy, harmonious embodiment I provide massage sessions for healthy, fit yoga, pilates & related fitness instructors & students. And I provide tai chi & zhan zhuang qigong embodied meditation lessons. CMT since 2004.

My massage training & certification includes -

*deep tissue

* swedish

* myofascial

* lymph

* pnf

* thai

* sports

* reiki

* pranic healing

* blended with a deeply nurturing, attentively slow quality based in my qigong background.

My main clientele are healthy, fit women teachers & practitioners of yoga, pilates and related fitness activities, who are maintaining healthy physical fitness and appreciate the fitness complimentary, natural yin - yang harmonizing nature of massages I provide.

And who enjoy receiving sessions from me on a consistent basis as this deepens the insight, rapport & effectiveness of massage sessions.

Massage sessions are provided at my Marin, California office. And sometimes at clienteles homes provided there is available parking, nonsmoking household and a quiet, private warm space to comfortably receive in.

My rate is $90 per hour for massage sessions at my office. Additional onsite fee dependent on location for inhome sessions to cover my gas & time.

Massages are available generally 10am - 10pm every day by appointment. .


Tai Chi & zhan zhuang qigong lessons are also available. I have been practicing qigong since 1989.


* Given the prevelance of scammers & spammers using the internet, for my safety & clairty, prospective - new clientele please include your full name, email and telephone number and a clear photo of yourself when contacting me the first time, to verify you are a real, honest person. Thank you for understanding.