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Donald Wallach - MFT

Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling

Address: 222 Weller Street #222
Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone: 707-583-2305




Are you desiring more happiness in your marriage?

Are you longing for more love or attraction?

Hi, I'm Don Wallach, a therapist who works with couples and individuals, helping to improve their relationships and their lives. I have been successfully guiding struggling couples to improve and repair their marriage...to create a marriage where each partner loves, respects and listens to the other. It may seem like an impossible dream, but for those who do the work, amazing changes and improvements can be possible.

About Couples Counseling

When a relationship isn't feeling supportive and connected, you and your partner may get help from couples therapy. Both you and your spouse want to feel understood and that your needs will be met and respected. Both of you want a happy and loving environment that you come home to at the end of the day. When there is too much alienation or conflict, it is time to see a therapist for couples counseling. Counseling will help improve empathy and understanding. It will help both of you talk to each other, and will help you listen to what is being said. Counseling can help you and your partner move beyond a pattern of conflict and return to love.

Issues that come up in couples therapy include anger management, sexual problems, money issues, past hurts that never got resolved, affairs, anxiety and depression issues, alcohol and substance issues, and relationship with family and in-laws.

About Psychotherapy

No matter how well things are going in your life, you may sometimes wonder what stops you from achieving more. Or, your life may be a series of painful stresses and tensions from which there is limited or no relief. Psychotherapy can support you moving towards a more fulfilling life. Psychotherapy is a process that can help you express yourself more successfully in the world and enjoy life more fully. Often the stresses of the world cause a part of the psyche to freeze up or "fragment". This "fragmentation" can be experienced as anxiety, depression, confusion or lack of clarity. Other times it is experienced as procrastinating - avoiding moving forward towards hopes, dreams and the tasks of daily life. Therapy helps pull back together this "fragmented self" -- restoring you to wholeness and increasing your enjoyment of your life.

I have worked with individuals, couples and families for over 17 years. Working in a variety of mental health related agencies, I have been on staff at residential programs for adults, young adults, adolescents, and children. I was previously the director of Bridges of Sonoma, a residential treatment program for severely disturbed adolescents.

If you want to increase your level of satisfaction and fulfillment and improve relationships with your spouse, co-workers and friends, call me at (707) 583-2305. You can get more information at my website: petalumacouplescounseling.com.


Free 15 minute telephone consultation. Call for details or to schedule your phone consultation.

Therapy may result in a decrease of anxiety, lifting of depression, improved sense of well-being, improved relationships, improved communication with others, more awareness of self and a sense of feeling more grounded and stable. In psychotherapy you will find a safe place to talk about the things that are the most important to you.

Would you like to feel calmer while experiencing more satisfaction in your life and have closer connections with your loved ones, friends and co-workers? Psychotherapy can be a gateway to a life with more happiness and balance. Don Wallach is an expert at helping you understand your strengths and using that as a foundation to help re-create your life - more as you would like it to be. There isn't a magical cure - walking this path may take some time, energy and focus. Yet the rewards can be great. For some, the goals are more about resolving old hurts and trauma - for others, improving relationship skills, and communication skills. In all cases, the aim is to increase your ability to create the life you want.