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Photoshop Online

Venue: The Image Flow
328 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: 415-388-3569
Dates: Mar 17th, 2022 – Apr 28th, 2022
Times: Thursdays
March 17 - April 28, 2022
Online: Pre-Recorded & Zoom
Cost: $325
Photoshop Online
Tired of confusing online Photoshop tutorials? Looking for the best online photoshop course? Then our Online Photoshop Workshop is perfect for you. Our step by step photoshop tutorials starting from square one get you using this powerful editing program from the beginning.

This photoshop class is an informative mix of pre-recorded instructional videos, topical homework assignments, and critique review sessions conducted by the instructor over Zoom. This format is the best way to learn photoshop for those who want the ability to replay and review complex lessons, but would also like feedback on their imaging attempts and techniques.

Creative photography begins in the camera, but careful photo correction seals the deal. In this online Adobe Photoshop class, you’ll learn Adobe Photoshop basics such as photo retouching, how to use layers, and creating a non-destructive workflow with provided images that you can later apply to your own photography.

Whether you’re looking for an Adobe Photoshop course online or a more complete photoshop layers tutorial, this workshop picks up where Lightroom leaves off—focusing on the fundamentals needed to address more complex situations within digital images. We’ll cover using adjustment layers, selections, masking, retouching, and basic compositing so you can make your images truly exceptional.

Getting professional-looking images begins with the right photography training and the right tools. This online Photoshop course will get you the training you need to enhance your photos and improve your photography skills!