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Partnering with Nature to Save the Planet & Experiential Nature Connect

Venue: Earthrise at IONS
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Petaluma, CA
Dates: Mar 21st, 2019
Times: 6 pm tp 9 pm
Cost: $20
Duration: 6 to 9 pm (3 hours)

Cost: $20 payable to IONS

About this Event

Partnering with Nature to Save the Planet:

Come learn about some of the most astonishing scientific discoveries about nature, trees and animals, as well as how the ancients listened and learned from nature.

Today we must turn to nature once again to save ourselves and the planet. Changes to be made incorporate both material and spiritual realms.

The first part of this presentation will be lecture and Q and A - the second half - weather permitting - will be experiential so that each participant can benefit from direct communion with nature to fully understand the wisdom of our living planet.

Please dress appropriately

“The insight Catriona shares is something we can all benefit from."~~~ Shirley MacLaine.

"A Quest of any kind is a heroic journey. It is a rite of passage that carries you to an inner place of silence and majesty and encourages you to live life more courageously and genuinely. I highly recommend Catriona's quests. They are truly sojourns of the heart.” ~~~ Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher. ~~~Denise Linn.

Catriona MacGregor Glazebrook is the award-winning author of “Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth” which won a Gold Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards in 2011. She is the coauthor of Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and the Planet, along with Carolyn Myss, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Masaru Emoto, Fritjof Capra, Thich Nhat Hanh, et al..

Catriona’s work has been covered by NPR Radio, The Shirley MacLaine Radio Show, New Dimensions, and the Today Show.

Since childhood, Catriona has had mystical experiences in nature that have provided her with a profound understanding of the natural world. Catriona is a visionary bridge builder between nature and humankind - and an adept nature guide and naturalist. She is a spiritual teacher who helps people find greater meaning in their own lives, through Vision Quests, Nature & Retreats, and Nature Based Journeys

Catriona has a Doctor of Divinity, a Juris Doctorate and a Masters in Science Degree (Habitat Management) and has rehabilitated hundreds of orphaned and injured wild animals.

Catriona managed one of the largest coastal sanctuaries in the United States and her program led to the comeback of an endangered species. The program was awarded a blue ribbon for Environmental Excellence by the Governor.

Catriona also developed policy briefing guides, prepared legal briefs on environmental laws and policies & Co-Authored Clean Water Act legislation regulations to protect wetlands.

She worked internationally in Russia, China, and Japan to help protect the environment, and funded over 200 NGOs from these countries. Catriona also Founded the International Bering Sea Forum, a public-private partnership formed to conserve the Bering Sea and advancement of Indigenous rights. She also supported the second and third US-China Environmental NGO conference in Beijing which promoted international cooperation of Chinese and American environmental communities.