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TelliMarketing - A Telli Network Marketing Service

For people who want to own their own local Internet Search Site

Address: 6 Beach Road, #1088
Tiburon/Belvedere, CA 94920-2809
Phone: 415-435-1280


What is TelliMarketing?

TelliMarketing is the selling of licenses by TelliMarketing Agents to qualified people to operate Telli Local Mini Sites for their communities as their own local online search and advertising system.

What is a Telli Mini Site?

A Telli Mini Site is a one-stop local online center to replace telephone directories and provide information not found on the Internet through major search engines. A Telli Mini Site contains comprehensive local listings and provides do-it-yourself software tools for people to display current promotions, including information on community events, classes, and activities. See Telli Marin at www.telli.com.

Businesses can highlight themselves in their community and promote their products and services on Web TelliPages through an affordable, locally-focused advertising platform.

Site information is available through computers and mobile devices at a specific URL address for people to find local products and services without having to sift through large amounts of irrelevant global information.

Who operates a local Telli Mini Site?

A qualified person licenses the right to use Telli Systems, products, and tools to provide local information within a specific geographic area (the “Licensed Territory”) through a specific WWW site address on servers maintained by Guinness.

What is the marketplace for Telli Mini Sites?

A Telli Mini Site replaces local directories ($8 billion in advertising revenues in 2013) and provides current information not found in local directories or through major search engines.

The Kelsey Group reports that the number of consumers using the Internet to find local products, services, and activities is eighty percent (80%) and continues to expand. Ninety percent (90%) of the business purchases resulting from these searches are completed at the local retailers' locations; not through online purchases.

Half of 15 million local US businesses still do not have a website and a Licensee Online Service provides an inexpensive platform for businesses to create TelliPages of information to promote their products and services on the Internet.

How does a Telli Mini Site get started?

Guinness sets up a Telli Mini Site on behalf of a Licensee by downloading local listings obtained from the local phone company, and then enhances the listings and enters them into the appropriate Telli Micro-categories.

How is the Telli Mini Maintained?

Guinness updates the local listings monthly and oversees the management of site operations, maintains the servers, keeps the software current with new developments, provides marketing support, and collects and distributes all revenues through its automated payment system.

How do Licensees operate and manage their Telli Mini Sites?

Through Telli’s Web administrator and software management program (the “Telli Administrator”), Licensees maintain, modify, update, and enhance their Telli Site and provide personalized ad and web design services for Subscribers They manage their sites remotely on computers or laptops using Telli Administrator software tools at a secure Telli URL

What is the Telli Site business model?

The business model for Telli Mini Sites relies on the development of the Telli Sites through the sale of subscriptions to individuals, businesses, associations, groups, clubs, and organizations to use Telli Systems to highlight themselves above the local listings inexpensively, and promote their products, services, and events through colorful TelliPages.

What do Licensees do to build value for their Telli Sites?

Licensees promote, market, and arrange for the commercial exploitation of their Telli Sites and Telli Systems by networking with businesses, groups, and associations in their community. In addition, Guinness provides tested and prepared media advertising products to assist Licensees with their promotions.

How do Licensees generate income?

Licensees receive a percentage of their Telli Sites’ Gross Revenues.

How do TelliMarketing Agents generate income?

TelliMarketing Agents receive a percentage of the revenues received by their licensees.