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Brian Andrews: Fixed Landscapes - Art Exhibition

Venue: Bay Model Visitor Center
2100 Bridgeway
Sausalito, Ca 94965
Phone: 415-332-3871
Dates: Jan 10th, 2017 – Feb 25th, 2017
Times: 9am-4pm
Cost: Free
Brian Andrews: Fixed Landscapes - Art Exhibition
Brian Andrews is a sculptor who works with wood, employing traditional techniques to explore contemporary cultural issues, including mapping, as a metaphor to explore issues of self and of man’s place in the world. Korzybski's saying "the map is not the territory" plays heavily into my work.

It's an abstract representation of reality itself. Between thing and concept. Each one of my pieces documents my drive to find the “and” between various artistic traditions, a way of linking dissimilar ways of knowing the world, to find the places of overlap that tell the story of who and what we are. For more information, visit www.BrianAndrews.net

January 10–February 25, 2017 Exhibition Dates
Reception Sat, January 21, 1pm–3pm