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Ball, Larry - The Alexander Technique

Working from within our human condition

Address: 308 C Street
San Rafael, CA 94901-4919
Phone: 415-491-1178
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              Most of us probably agree that we are deeply influenced by the culture in which we  live.  Our culture's emphasis on material and technical achievement has many benefits. It also has severe drawbacks.

               Our culture generally discourages me from knowing, much less following, my true nature. It also discourages me from knowing what I am about in life. Therefore, it is up to me to search for ways to know myself and to then choose, act and move with that knowledge in my daily life.  In this way I can regain my true nature while living in a culture that does not really value it.  For me, since 1976 the study, practice and teaching of the Alexander Technique has greatly helped me to do so.

            I believe that in spite of all the detrimental effects imposed upon us in our culture we are still capable of knowing and following our true nature. I believe our search is greatly aided by recognizing that it is not enough to change one thing.  It is important to be open to any and all change.  Some changes may be very subtle. Others are so welcome we want them now and always. It is important to honor all changes within us and to allow them to be. In this way, each day we learn more about ourselves on a deeper and more fulfulling level.

            There is an ancient Buddhist saying: All haste is a form of violence.                   

            To learn to slow yourself. To become conscious of what you are doing with yourself in your daily choices, actions and movements. To better sense and act from your true nature. To receive the earth's vitality and support. And to then be able to allow all of that natural wisdom to create changes in your choices, actions and movements. These are some of the ideas of this work. Through these ideas and others, you have the opportunity to regain your well-being, strength, health and vitality.

          These changes of consciousness help you recognize, experience and change habitual ways that interfere with your true nature. In changing you become a more natural and beautiful creature. You also become a healthier, stronger, happier, wiser, human being.  

           The individual benefits of this work include:

              Healng of yourself             

              A greater sense and understanding of yourself                  

              Greater consciousness and improvement of your  breathing, movements, choices and actions.           

              Greater consciousness of what it means to be one with nature - yours and the earth's.           

              Moving and breathing with ease, vitality and flexibilty           

              A much stronger and flexible body

              The end of chronic back pain           

              Greater understanding and improvement in performance and skills            

              Learning and practicing  communication with your body

              The ability to sense and act upon communications from your body            

              Learning to allow all of your bones to move

              Greater authenticity

              Greater wisdom

              Regaining youthful vitality and flexibility

              Freedom from unnecessary fears

               Freedom from excess stress


               ABOUT LARRY BALL

                     I began studying the Alexander Technique in 1976. I graduated from the American Center for the Alexander Technique in San Francisco in 1979 under the direction of Frank Ottiwell and Giora Pinkas.  I was a member of the school’s teaching faculty from 1981 to its closing in 2004.  I am certified as a master teacher by AmSat. While a student in the school I worked with Patrick McDonald during his yearly visits to the school, as well as with Walter and Dilys Carrington. While a student and teacher in the school I worked extensively for over 10 years with Marjorie Barstow, both in San Francisco during her yearly visits to the school, and in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Marjorie Barstow and Frank Ottiwell are my mentors.

                I teach in San Rafael and in San Francisco.

                I am  happy to answer any questions and discuss this work with you.

Office: (415) 491-1178

Cell: (415) 377-0449




“As a student of movement for over 20 years, I have accumulated countless concepts, tips, and exercises that are meant to help me move and function better.  But all of those things go out the window when working with Larry.  He cuts through the fog and helps me see and experience that I already have everything I need to be free and whole right here, right now. 


-- Matt Stevens, Linguist and Alexander Technique Teacher, AmSat



" As I write this I feel the echo of working with Larry just a few hours ago.  And I feel re-opened in a new way - to my self and to my surroundings. Better not to say too much. Only to know that the direct experience is what matters and the quality of the vibration is much subtler than my ordinary materialistic experience. Right now I feel l like a buoy in calm gentle waters.  This is in large part of just having worked with Larry."


David Page, Alexander Technique Teacher, AmSat 



 “ I can’t thank Larry enough for the inspiration his lessons have given me. I have been trying to resolve the contradiction between doing and non-doing for years, ever since my earliest workshop with Marjorie Barstow more than 30 years ago.  The shift of verbal emphasis Larry teaches in the words “let the universe do it” just dissolves the problem.  A miracle really.  And what is even more fantastic is that in lessons Larry stays with the sensitivity of touch that allows ‘it’ to do itself. Wow.”

Marion Miller, Alexander Technique Teacher


“13 years ago Larry was my teacher at Alexander teacher's training school. Today he is my mentor. Larry's work opens a corridor of enlightenment that can only be found when one truly surrenders to the energy and balance of natural things.”


Alan Bolton, Alexander Technique teacher AmSAT.


“My lessons with Larry have been deeply healing and revealing for me and I've appreciated them enormously.”

Rosie Powell     

“Larry was one of my teachers at the Alexander Training Institute - SF. After graduating in 2003, I went to him for continued training for two intensive periods of study. Larry offers a very unique philosophical perspective on the Alexander Technique, which I believe guides his teaching.  But I didn’t go to him for philosophy; I went to him for the experience of his touch. Under his hands, I felt harmony, the mystery of my body’s own potential to heal itself, and a sense of intrinsic movement and vitality. It would be an exaggeration to say that I could feel cellular movement, but that’s the type of metaphor that rises to mind when working with Larry. His quiet touch provides deep wells of space that were particularly important to me during times of distress. Studying with Larry will not give you simple answers. You will instead experience the mystery of life in the body. As a teacher, I often reference his work.

Elyse Shafarman, Alexander Technique teacher, MA. M.AmSat teacher